Gladstone, Quality Marine Fuel

Gladstone has a proven track record as an effective Bunker Only port with the advantage of having the deepest draft for bunker only calls in Australia. There are two anchorages aptly named Outer and Inner Anchorages.

The Outer Anchorage at the Fairway Buoy has no draft restrictions but is affected by sea and other conditions which do at times preclude bunkering there (see below for further details). Bunker only calls at the Outer Anchorage generally incur only a ships agency fee. IBS does not perform Agency work, however, a list of Gladstone shipping agents is included within the useful links section of this website.

The Inner Anchorage has a draft restriction of 14.0 metres, which is the deepest protected bunker only anchorage in Australia. In addition to ships agency, pilotage in and out is also required at the Inner Anchorage, unless the vessel Master has an appropriate exemption. Tugs are rarely required at the Inner Anchorage.

Under Port regulations, fully loaded Capesize vessels are not permitted to bunker at the Inner Anchorage. Partly laden Capesize vessels will be considered on a case by case basis.

Gladstone has the lowest bunker only port costs in Australia.

For more detailed information on calling costs, please refer to one of the agents listed in the useful links section in our website.

To download a copy of the Bunker Only criteria used by IBS in assessing bunkering at the Outer Anchorage, please CLICK HERE.